Hansen history lesson.

James Hansen, director of Nasa Goddard Institute of Space Studies, or GISS, stated that we need to get Co2 back down to 350ppm to be deemed a safe level for the sake of humanity.

From the earlier post, you can see where this prediction has gone horribly wrong.

But Hansen wasnt satisfied, so he went to the Global Temperature record and butchered it beyond recognition.

So what was once this, with the 1930s the hottest decade in the last 150 years, as seen below

To something like this.

Notice the difference, almost 3 decades of heat wiped out.

Unfortunately for Hansen, Global warming theory is that droughts will become worse.

So, in 1936, how can global temperatures be so low when you see something like this??

Conclusion: The AGW theory is flawed and full of holes and contradictions. The only warming outside of the satelitte era (1979 onwards) is adjusted bogus data.


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