Unprecedented warming explained.

You always here a lot of media reports about how we are doomed, or have witnessed warmest years on record. Or we are breaking temperature records all the time.

Simply untrue, agenda driven manipulation of the database is the reason. You see, satelittes were launched in 1979, which coincided with the switch from a cold PDO to a warm PDO.

The PDO is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which has warm and cold cycles, lasting 20-30 years. It is also responsible for temperatures rising and falling globally, our thermostat if you like. Here is the PDO graphic to illustrate what i mean.

As you can see, the cold PDO cycle ended in 1976. Cold PDO cycles produce more La ninas, which drops temperatures globally below the normal for a couple of decades, and also produces wet and cooler weather for Australia.

So its very convenient for alarmists to use the satelitte derived temperature database to show warming since 1976, since the PDO only shifted to its cold cycle in 2007. Here is the graphic for satelitte temps.

Also notice that the AMO went warm in 1995, which is the reason why the 200s were a relatively warm decade.

This is a fantastac graphic, which shows a few reasons why our global temperautres fluctuate. Overall the trend is up, at 0.14 degree C per decade. Notice the two blue circled low points, warming was halted for 2 years on two occasions, from eruptions to El Chichon in 1983, and Mount Pinatubo in 1991. If you took these two eruptions out it would be even less of an increase. The corresponding peaks are El Ninos up until 1995.

However, since the Super El nino in 1998, temperatures globally have not increased. Yes, it is a high point to start with, but you can see that we have now levelled off and will begin cooling again once the cold PDO is a decade in to its current cycle. On a side note, the AMO, or Atlantic Decadal Oscillation is currently in its warm phase and is also the reason why the northern hemisphere is so warm, this will go cold by 2020, when i think temps will really plunge back to below zero.

For reference point, we are currently 0.29 degrees above the normal. In 1998, during the strongest El nino we have seen, we were averaging 0.7 above the normal for almost 8 months. It was like the last gasp of the warm cycle.

So now, we have cooled off, or levelled off, this is unaccepatable to alarmist who are blaming Co2 for our warming. So they start adjusting temperatures upwards, every month by a fraction, hoping we wont notice. The only problem is, they cannot adjust the satelitte temps, and slowly but surely the two databases start looking ridiculously divergent.

Satelitte temps are in blue, and cannot be adjusted. The other two databases as you can see do not represent anything other than an attempt to lie and blame Co2 for a warming that is greatly exaggerated. I will post all the adjustements in future posts so you can see the rorting that is going on.


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