History lesson for the BOM and the CSIRO.

We have heard about permanent droughts, rapidly rising temperatures, and global warming.

We have even seen warmists say that the drought we have just endured was unprecedented and an effect of climate change.

We can now dispell such nonsense, i saw this article a long time ago and was reminded of it today.

This article is from 1868, and also includes these two important graphics.

Well what do you know? The 20 year climate cycle of the PDO was also a driver of climate back 180 years ago!

Maybe the CSIRO forgot to check, or they are just as corrupt as they come? I think we know what the answer is.

Notice 1835-1839 we had very bad droughts, with 3 years in a row in the extreme drought category.

Once the PDO flipped in 1840, we had 20 years of predominately floods. This is visible in the records right up to the present day, so anyone with any semblance of logic should not be surprised.

Unfortunately for the CSIRO and the BOM, who are trying to brainwash the masses with alarmism, the climate is proving it is in charge, and at the 5 year mark of the 20 year wet cycle.

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