Erasing the 1930s.

One of my favourite subjects, showing people how corrupt government agencies are, to line their own pockets while robbing ours.

An old favourite that you would have seen many times is that we have been warming to unprecedented levels in the last decade.

So heres the deal. They erased the 1930s.

Up until 1999, it was all settled. The 1930s were a dust bowl, worldwide.

And then something happened, climatologists discovered there was no more money. So they started lying and rorting data and started a scare campaign based around the rise of Co2 emissions.

Temperatures peaked after the 1930s, all the records showed this.

NCAR also showed that temps declined solidly after 1940.

US temperatures also agreed. So they had a problem, and got to work slaughtering the database, like this.

And this, Alice Springs before and after.

However, one thing climate scientists forgot whilst butchering our temperature records, was that we know the 1930s was the hottest decade because of a simple medium called media.

Like this:

3rd May 1934

24 June 1937

25th Sept 1937

11th Nov 1937.

29 September 1933, and this article is the most damning of all.

So they have butchered the database, but cant change history as its well documented that the 1930s was indeed a frightening dustbowl, culminating in the Black Friday fires in 1939. As also know, it takes years of heat and drought to have a bushfire of that magnitude. Also, the temp records before they were butchered aligned perfectly with the warm PDO cycle, which we know rises temperatures across the globe.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more of where this came from, as lie upon lie can be exposed by the truth.


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