Hurricane Isaac Update.

Looks like this hurricane is going to be a big storm, possibly as high as a category 3.

Current forecast tracks.

There is very warm water through the gulf but also through the keys as well.

Either way Florida could see a big impact and a dangerous situation is unfolding.

ECMWF, which is the best model, has the hurricane striking dangerously close to where katrina made landfall as a beast.

Stay tuned, will be a big few days.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac Update.

  1. Looking good AV! Don’t think it will track towards New Orleans, my guess is the Pensacola Beach on the Florida panhandle. Reasonable storm surge likely (up to 8ft) with outer bands affecting The Big Easy.

  2. Yeah i think the weatherbell track will be where it will go, either way there will be an explosion as it encounters very warm water. Florida looks like it will be in the firing line.

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