Warmer is dryer…or is it?

It seems everyone is confused. Climate change brings less rainfall, because the subtropical ridge is displaced further south.

Here, David Jones has the perfect explanation, on April 5 2010.

Overall the evidence is that our climate will dry but the total amount of drying is uncertain.”


Luckily Australia has had record rainfall as a country since 2009, when David assured us on the forum we were absolutely doomed.

Yes, fairly uncertain is right. Will be good to watch over the next 5 years as the trend is now wetter and cooler, as we become dominated by the La nina pattern.

Another prediction to be watched:

“The Antarctic ice sheet has never survived CO2 above 450ppm. That’s where we will be in less that 20 years”

This was also in April 2010.

I see. This delusional man thinks we can somehow stop Co2 from rising and save the antarctic ice sheet?

So as Co2 is rising the antarctic ice must be disappearing surely?

Well look at that, there it is just sitting nicely above the average for the last 30 years, whilst Co2 has exploded off the scale. I think its time to stop making predictions David, the climate does not seem to agree with you. If the sea ice is gaining its going to be mighty hard to lose the ice sheet dont you think?

Heres a good graphic to show how hard this amazing feat will be.

Unless physics are different for each continent there is NO chance of the Antarctic Ice sheet melting, or David Jones’ alarmist prediction of it disappearing in 20 years come true.


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