We have been cooling for 10,000 years.

The earth is now at one of its coldest point of the last 10,000 years. We are steadily on a decline towards the next ice age in thousands of years time.

In the meantime, we enjoy what we have, the weather. It warms, it cools, it floods, its brings droughts.

We are living in a period that is classed as noise, gentle oscillations up and down in a much bigger picture.

Alarmists use this sort of graph to push ridiculous agendas, and pretend we have some sort of control over the climate.

Using 132 years of data, and trying to extort all of our money from our bank accounts.

When clearly, the bigger picture reveals a much clearer version of what climate does, and is capable of doing.

Here is a new graph from Dr. Don J. Easterbrook regarding the attention 2010 is getting as a contender for the warmest year of the century. Of the past 10,500 years, 9,100 were warmer than 1934/1998/2010) Thus, regardless of which year ( 1934, 1998, or 2010) turns out to be the warmest of the past century, that year will rank number 9,099 in the long-term list.

I see. I think thats fairly clear dont you think? Climate scientists pushing an agenda, and that agenda is to line their pockets while emptying everyone elses. I know this because none of them post images like this.

And to show what the Earth is capable of, ask yourself, do you really think man can do anything about the climate?

Here is a good example.

Anyone care to take a stab in the dark whether the climate worries about a change of 0.5% in Co2 levels in the atmosphere?

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