Exposing the lies from alarmists.

You will love this. This is what all the alarmists use as the reference point for a supposedly red hot July globally.

The USA was very hot, no doubt. But, as is always the case when you have an agenda, this is what you do.

So the figure for July was 0.47 degrees above the normal. However, there is a catch. Usually, you use the last 30 years as the reference point when comparing temperatures. GISS does not, as it does not agree with Hansens catstrophic global warming theory. And all alarmists use this reference as its “accurate.’

This map uses the 1951-1980 baseline period! In other words, its comparing against a period that we know is cooler than the last 30 years due to the warm PDO.

Its the equivalent of me taking a G6E for a drive and seeing if its more economical than a Xt Falcon from the 60s. Or comparing the latest Iphone against a Motorola brick from 1988. Its utter garbage, and how this allowed in such a scientific field is horrendously absurd.

Lets change one small thing. Lets compare with 1980-2010 temperatures.

Well what do you know! The global temp was only 0.13 above the normal of the last 30 years.

This is not groundbreaking, but you should all know this.

For the record, the unadjusted satelitte temps which use the last 30 years, July came in at 0.28 degrees above the normal.

Even the Bureau of Meteorology here in Australia do exactly the same thing, they use the 1961-1990 period as their base. We know the cold PDO went from 1950 to 1976 were temps were cooler than the next 30 years by a fair margin.

Check the graphic.

Colder for the majority of Australia by a considerable margin.

And why not use the last 30 years? Well thats easy! That is because the whole graph would be blue!

And the BOM would not want want that with their warmist agenda now would they?

So next time you see a graph showing how globally the temps are so warm, ask for an updated base period.


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