Visualising the warm winter.

Winter has almost ended, so its time to check in on the seasonal outlooks.

And yet again, what a waste of taxpaying dollars right there.

I see, a fair swathe of the country had a good chance of being warmer than normal.

Time for the Real World reality check.

Adelaide is still damp and chilly at the end of one of its wettest, coldest winters in decades, according to

The last days of the season are a snapshot of winter as a whole, with showers about and maximum temperatures in the mid teens.

The city has gained 260mm of rainfall this season, making it the wettest winter in seven years. In 2005, 275mm was recorded during winter.

The average maximum this season has been 15.5 degrees, placing it amongst the four coldest winters in the last 23 years.

Comparable winters in the last 23 years include 2010, when the maximum averaged 15.4 degrees, 2008 (15.5 degrees) and 1997 (15.3 degrees). The last time winter was significantly colder was in 1989, when the maximum averaged 14.6 degrees. The coldest on record was in 1956, when the average was 14.2 degrees.

This cold, wet winter has been a strain for some residents.

Being caught in the rain has left people damp and cold for longer due to the lack of drying warmth. The fewer-than-normal dry days have made washing a challenge, with many forced to dry clothes inside, in front of heaters.

There have been 52 days of rain all up, five more than average. This is the highest number of winter rain days since 2008, when there were 59 rain days.

The last time there was a colder winter as wet as this was in 1986. In that winter the average maximum temperature was 15.3 degrees and 304mm of rain was recorded.

Canberra chilled to minus 5.6 degrees this morning, the 48th freezing morning this winter, making it the frostiest winter in 15 years.

Forty-eight mornings with the temperature getting at least as low as zero degrees is five more than in winter last year and five more than average.

The last time there were more than 48 winter mornings this cold was in 1997, when there were 61. The winter record is 65 days, set in 1982.

This morning’s minimum temperature of minus 5.6 is very cold for August. It is about six degrees below the August average and the second morning in a row well below freezing.

Yesterday’s minimum was minus 4.8 degrees. The last time two consecutive August mornings were this cold was 13 years ago. In August 1999, two back-to-back mornings got as cold as minus 6.2 and minus 5.9 degrees.

The last 3 months have been anything but warm for the areas of Adelaide and Canberra.

Here is the last 3 months, which doesnt include the very cold August which i will update in a few days.

Not quite what most were expecting, however was exactly as i expected.

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