Rampant Climate Change in action

In 2007, David Jones said that that he could see rampant climate change in action.

The Murray darling Basin had plunged to almost no water, after the long 13 year drought that was affecting most of Se Australia.

So, what is this then?


Yet another fail. Which is becoming consistent, along with the Antarctic Ice sheet melting in 20 years, the Arctic in 10 years, the permanent drought, the record breaking tempertures that are coming, the heatwaves that will be unrelenting, the rains that have dried up etc etc.

And the temps? Flat for 16 years.

Lets see what Co2 has done in this time shall we?


A normal person would see the disconnect right there. But no, it appears that temps could plummet through the floor and there will be an excuse.

They keep denying in the hope that the temps miraculously go up again..but i have bad news for them, temps are dropping and the rain has returned to stay for a while, like 2 decades.



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