Climate experts worried about 0.14 Degrees.

Temps have been rising at a trend of 0.14 degrees per decade since satellites started taking measurements in 1979.

This also coincided with the onset of the warm PDO.

Temperature trend shown here.

And for this, the governments and their agencies want to confiscate your money, eradicate 4 wheel drives, stop using power and air conditioners, stop breathing, stop having children and becoming a civilian of the stone age.

Meanwhile, the Earth changes temperatures when it feels like at massive amounts at a time, like this.

And this, noticing that Co2 follows temperatures, as you would expect being a feedback and not a forcing.

The mindless hysteria is beyond a joke, led by climatologists the world over who are rorting data ad nauseam for financial gain.

We have been slowly cooling since the Super El Nino of 1998, and as the next few years pass there is nowhere for these bullshit artists to move.

The climate is telling us something, listen to what it is telling us.



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