Things to know about the BOM.

I will need to bring you up to speed about the Bureau of Meteorology, but will take a lot of posts to do so.

Adjustments, rorting data, disappearing data, baselines, moving sites, removing sites…its a long list.

Today im focussing on the baselines. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has a standard baseline to compare our weather too.

Its the 1961-1990 period. If you follow my blog you will know i talk about cycles in the climate. This period was predominately in the cold PDO, when we know the climate was cooler than today. They also have others, but the normal period is 1961-1990.

So lets look at the temperatures that we are comparing against.

The light blue shading is the period that is used. As can be seen by the Southern Hemisphere, its was mostly well below normal.

The Bureau of Meteorology also use the same baseline. The question is why?

Its to suit the agenda that they run, that its warming catastrophically due to rising CO2 levels.

Which we know of course is a preposterous joke. The disconnect is stark, temps have been falling since 1998, whilst CO2 emissions have exploded.

Lets look again at current temps for Australia.

Now, imagine if we were to compare this graph to the current 30 year baseline!!

It’s already cold, but the whole graph would be blue, and the BOM don’t want you to know this.

Heres a good example, July compared against the 1998-2006 baseline.

Look how much colder it looks!

So thats what its about, the baselines.

They are an agenda driven organisation hell-bent on distorting the truth, and you should know about it.


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