Snow will soon be a thing of the past.

In 2008, the CSIRO issued this dire warning.

Scientists say Australian skiers should prepare for shorter ski seasons because of global warming.

A report published in the New Scientist magazine has found the average number of days of snow in the Swiss Alps is lower than ever before.

CSIRO climate change expert Dr Penny Whetton says Australia’s mountain snow cover could be reduced by up to 54 per cent by 2020.

“The probability of any precipitation falling as snow rather than rain is going to decrease, and any snow lying on the ground is going to melt more quickly,” she said.

“So the outcome of that is, there’s going to be shorter snow seasons, not as much depth of snow on the ground, with that situation deteriorating further as we go through the century.”

And 4 years later, we can see the deepest snow pack in decades.

SPRING snowflakes have contributed to  the best snow season in a decade,  which will be extended until the end of the October  school holidays.

Perisher ski resort will extend its season to October 5 after up to 30  centimetres fell across NSW resorts from Thursday to Saturday, according to  Weatherzone. A chilly September start led to unusual snowfall in many parts of  the state, including the Blue Mountains, Bowral, Cooma and Oberon.

The official snow depth was measured  at 204 centimetres at Spencer’s Creek,  just outside of Perisher. Perisher’s chief executive, Peter Brulisauer, said  more than 400 centimetres of natural snowfall this season had created the best  skiing conditions in 12 years.

Thredbo spokeswoman Susie Diver said a decision on whether to extend the  resort’s season would be made tomorrow

Of course, we know the CSIRO are into making predictions that are usually 100% wrong, and this is no exception.

More droughts, more heatwaves, less snow, soaring temperatures…all going the wrong way.

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