Target 350ppm.

We must do something immediately! CO2 is now rampant at 396ppm.

Hansen says we need to get it back below 350 to be at the “Safe” level.

Heres some resources to view, but be warned, i was physically ill as i have never read such horseshit in all my life.

So, what is global warming and what’s the problem anyway?

The science is clear: global warming is happening faster than ever and humans are responsible. Global warming is caused by releasing what are called greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Many of the activities we do every day like turn the lights on, cook food, or heat or cool our homes rely on the combustion of fossil fuels like coal and oil, which emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases when burned. This is a major problem because global warming destabilizes the delicate balance that makes life on this planet possible. Just a few degrees in temperature can completely change the world as we know it, and threaten the lives of millions of people around the world.

The most common greenhouse gas is Carbon Dioxide? Is this man serious, did he even study? Next thing you know climatologists will say that no snow on Ferny Creek is a sure sign of Global Warming.

Im sure Jim knows that Water Vapour is by far the most common greenhouse gas.

And what does this 350 number even mean?

350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide—measured in “Parts Per Million” in our atmosphere. 350 PPM—it’s the number humanity needs to get back to as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change.

Ok, lets pause for a minute, so we need to get this back to less than 350. I see. Lets see how safe the earth was when CO2 was less than 350ppm.

Yes that looks really safe, 12,000 people killed. At only 280ppm.

If we’re already past 350, are we all doomed?

No. We’re like the patient that goes to the doctor and learns he’s overweight, or his cholesterol is too high. He doesn’t die immediately—but until he changes his lifestyle and gets back down to the safe zone, he’s at more risk for heart attack or stroke. The planet is in its danger zone because we’ve poured too much carbon into the atmosphere, and we’re starting to see signs of real trouble: melting ice caps, rapidly spreading drought. We need to scramble back as quickly as we can to safety.

Rapidly spreading drought? What, like this?

Is there no shame on these morons? Is there seriously anyone who isnt an alarmist that knows how ridiculous this is?

We are at 396ppm but we are ok!!


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