Good News, the Ice Age is still 25 years away.

Global temps are starting to drop, right in line with most people’s forecasts who have any clue about the climate.

The cold PDO runs the climate, in part. This is verifiable through the satellite temps since 1979.

Before that, we have a database that has been tortured because most people from the 1950s and earlier are now dead.

So we have no way of knowing how warm the 1930s really were, but we do know the sun was active at this time, and the PDO was in a very warm phase until 1940.

The other part of the picture is Solar. It also has a contribution to the climate through Solar Irradiance.

Without getting too technical, when the sun goes quiet, in the form of low sunspot numbers, the Earth cools slightly.

How much is open to debate. However you can verify the solar input against the temperature database.

Note the Maunder Minimum lasted 70 years and was the coldest period the Earth had seen for centuries.

Now look at where we are at in the present day.

Bear in mind that Solar Cycle 24 is where we are at present, and that forecast was made a few years back. As it stands Solar Cycle 24 wont be anywhere near that high. Each Solar cycle last 11 years usually.

However pay particular attention to the forecast for Solar cycle 25. It’s almost non-existent.

Now here’s the kicker. If it turns out that way, and is almost dormant, it will be peaking in 2025-2030. Which is right when the PDO will be at its coldest, and the AMO will be a decade long into its cold spell.

So the triple crown of cooling will unleash on the Earth, and we will see so much snow you have no idea.


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