More BOM adjustments.

There are literally thousands of examples, here is but one.

Melbourne had 3 consecutive frost days in 1944. However the BOM decided we didn’t, and adjusted the temperatures in an upward spike.

Now here comes the problem. Here is an article from the Argus showing that we did in fact have temps below Zero in Melbourne.

Only 15 degrees F below normal. Either the newspaper journalist is a downright liar, or the BOM is downright lying.

Let me go away for some think music and see which one it might be.


2 thoughts on “More BOM adjustments.

  1. Geelong also had 3 consecutive frost days in the same period (6th to 8th August 1944); -0.6, 0.0 and -0.8 respectively. (BoM data!) The station at that time was in the centre of the city. Are they going to rewrite history for us too?

  2. They are trying too Lindsay. Most people are dead from the 1930s so they are trying to rewrite history hoping no one notices.

    The ACORN dataset is a complete joke, and we are being conned in a fashion thats a criminal act.

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