Rapid Sea Level Increase.

Sea levels have risen barely 30mm in the last 2 decades.

James Hansen forecast in 1988 that by 2008 the sea level would be 8 storeys high in Manhattan.

Of course this didn’t happen. So james has made another forecast this time more conservative.

Only 5 metres rise by the year 2100. Given the current rate would have us increase by maybe 10 inches if we are lucky, this is only an 1800% increase in this time frame.

Hansen knows this, and that’s why he produced this graph.

Just out of nowhere, at around 2035, they will just skyrocket and drown us all due to the ice sheets in Greenland nd Antarctica melting.

Considering we have begun slowly cooling, which will increase the next decade in line with the AMO shifting cycles to cold, and the weak Solar cycle, this would indeed be a neat trick.

Remind me again how this man is still a credible scientist?


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