BOM: Agenda driven, irrelevant, and incompetent.

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One of my favourite subjects. Showing the BOM for the disgrace that they are.

Forgive me as this post is long, but important.

We all know how much i go on about the baseline. The BOM use the 1961-1990 baseline, so they are comparing the temperatures against that 30 year period. Instead of doing what you would normally do, and they once did do, use the current 30 year period of 1980-2010. The World Meteorological Society also does it, so that the excuse they use. Both are as bad as each other.

So lets actually take a look at what im talking about in great detail. Lets assume for a moment the BOM werent after government funding and started telling the truth. We would lose the years 1961-1979 from the baseline. Lets look at each year.

Please be seated before viewing the years 1991-2010. it demonstrates clearly the agenda of the government and the BOM.

Out of the years 1961-1979, ONLY ONE WARM YEAR. The majority are cold, or close to average.

NO LESS THAN 12 WARM YEARS AFTER 1991! This is a disgrace. And the BOM do not want you to know this!

And this is where the problem lies, today’s anomaly charts look off the scale because it’s compared to a cold period.

And then look what happens after 1990. The 1991-2010 years are dominated by warm, so todays anomalies would be cold in comparison, not the complete garbage you see now.

In summary,the Bureau of Meteorology have absolutely no credibility, no better than our agenda driven Government.


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