Checking in on the UK barbecue summer.

Thought i would update everyone the barbecue summer and drought forecasted by the met office.

Just a few extracts from the article.

But the good news continued as long-range forecasters predicted a baking summer
comparable with 2003 – which saw Britain’s all-time record 38.5C (101.3F)
temperature – and 2006, the hottest on record at an average of 15.8C.

“Reduced levels of blocking should result in a distinctly different summer this year – with high pressure driving warmer, drier and less windy conditions.

“We expect a summer pattern more like 2002-06, with above-normal temperatures.

“An emerging El Nino event suggests the best chances for significant heat during the first half of summer, with increased chances of more widespread, below-normal temperatures by late.

How do you think they went?

Forecasters have confirmed what many suspected: summer 2012 in England and Wales has been the biggest washout for a century. The Met Office said it had been the one of the dullest on record, one of the coolest, and the soggiest since 1912.

When do you think these clowns might start forecasting properly? They can’t even forecast correctly a week out and have been forecasting a bbq summer and little rain for years. They don’t even have an excuse, they have the biggest super computer in the world.

Sounds familiar to the nonsense the BOM publishes every month as well. They are begging for it to be dry and hot.


2 thoughts on “Checking in on the UK barbecue summer.

  1. You know how it works, junk in, junk out. The computer is not being fed the true data, the models have been maniupated to tell them what they want to hear. Problem is nature will not play ball.

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