Russia Building mega nuclear powered ice breakers.

Why would they do this? Do they not go over to Real Climate and see that the Arctic Ice is doomed?

Havent they seen Gore, Hansen and Branson going to photo the ice thats now gone?

Or Hillary in Alaska?

Or maybe, just maybe, they know whats coming in the next 3 decades.

MURMANSK – Atomflot, the Murmansk based home to Russia’s nuclear icebreaker fleet and a division of Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom has announced the construction of a new mega-ton generation of atomic icebreaker – the project 22220 – said to be the largest ever to put to sea.

The new ship seems to be another expensive assertion of Russia’s self-proclaimed primacy over the Arctic Sea basin and its efforts to control not only oil and gas reserved there – by military force if need be – but even transport through the region, which, if it increases could cause an intolerable burden on the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

The vessel – which has yet to be named – will be built by St. Petersburg Baltisky Zavod shipyard beginning in 2013, and will, according to Russian news reports, have the capability of breaking through ice more than 4 meters thick through out the year, as well as quickly navigating ice fields of more than 2.5 meters thick at a speed of 1.5 to 2 knots.

The displacement of the new vessel will be about 33,540 tonnes and it will have a draught of between 8.5 and 10.5 metres, World Nuclear News reported, and accommodate a crew of 75.

It will also be 170 meters long, 34 meters wide – some 14 metres longer and 4 meters wider than the 50 Years Victory’s, currently the world’s largest nuclear icebreaker and one of five Russia operates in the Arctic area.


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