The missing hot spot.

The most important part of any theory is that in practice it verifies.

And so, climate alarmists want to tax you of your money due to the dreaded and evil CO2 monster that s warming up the Earth.

The theory goes that a stratospheric hotspot would form above the Tropics at an altitude of 10 km or so.

Unfortunately for alarmists, there is no such hotspot. And this hotspot is the core reason the computer models keep forecasting ridiculous levels of warming for the next 90 years. So if it was a forcing, which it isn’t, we should be able to see the hotspot continue to grow as the world continues to warm.

But, as alarmists do, like the IPCC, they just shift the focus over to something else and move on.

Like Arctic Ice, which is melting more every year due to the warm phase of the AMO and Solar Max.

However, this is the corner-stone of the theory, and its shot down in flames, there can be no forgetting it or excuses.

It simply isn’t happening.

Notice the massive stratospheric cooling in pink on the right hand picture. The climate has done the complete opposite.

Anyone who mentions this gets attacked by alarmists in a concerted global effort, because we wouldn’t want people knowing that we are being conned would we?

This is what is happening now with the climate, it’s slowly cooling. The IPCC AR4 suggested that this tropospheric hotspot will inevitably kill us all, not in so many words. So, why are we so far under Scenario C according to Hansen?

Heres Scenario C one more time, it assumes no increase in emissions after 2000, ie. we became extinct. With the amount of Co2 increase we should be at Scenario A. Scenario A assumes a 1.5% increase annually in emissions, which we have slaughtered over the last 15 years.

Its getting embarrassing now for them, alarmists forget about this and start focussing on the Arctic Sea Ice.

Oh and the hot spot, they forget about that too. And the permanent drought, amnesia there too. Did someone say permanent El Nino?


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