No rain in Alice Springs for 141 days.

Apparently this is some sort of catastrophe. Never mind that its the dry season, or the middle of the desert.

Or that we have had cold air moving north drying out the interior all winter, and sending a big SE ridge into the Indian ocean.

The old record, in 1972, looked like this, and was 147 days.

Very dry and pretty much similar to this year through Central Australia.

And what do you think the response was?

Yes, you guessed it, a very wet response.

Now translate that to today.

Last 2 years :

The last 2 years saw historic rainfall through 3/4 of the country, a natural response from the climate is for a dry period.

And we have now had that response, its just a question of when we have the next response.

This will come to abrupt end in the coming months when the rains return in the wet season….with interest.


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