More responses.

A little closer to home, check out the response locally in the climate.

After 36 months of devastatingly heavy rainfall, the climate has taken a breather for most of the country.

Here is the last 3 years.

This was on the back of 2 consecutive back to back strong La Nina’s.

So the inevitable response has come. A much drier period since the autumn.

Last 3 months rainfall.

Again, this is the response you would expect. And then, the next response is for a wetter period to commence, the question is will it be in the summer or the autumn? It will inevitably turn around, at the moment Sea Surface Temps are below normal off the NW coast, and the air over Australia is extremely dry with cold air sweeping up through the interior. Also another response is the colder air pushing North after a quiet June and early July. Since then the response has been savage, with cold outbreaks, metres of snow and a dry out for the interior.


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