Did anyone hear that?

That’s the sound of crickets at NOAA, and all the other alarmist organisations around the world.

The Antarctic Sea ice area has broken the all time high record for this date. In fact its gains have outweighed the losses in the Arctic. Of course this is not important, because it hasnt rained in Alice Springs in 144 days.

I noticed that David Jones has not mentioned this on any social media, or Mainstream media for that matter, because he is an alarmist with an agenda.

Yet he posts ad nauseam about the Arctic Sea Ice, which has been declining for the last 20 years.

I also noticed that Hansen thinks the Antarctic ice sheet will melt more than the Arctic Ice sheet, because he too is deluded and has no credibility either.

Its a little difficult for the ice sheet to melt at these temperatures. I finished physics classes in 1990, unless the properties of water have changed since then do you think this is optimum melting temperatures?

The coldest areas of the world are just getting colder, and global warming is causing it.

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