The party is over, the action now starts.

Antarctica has been at record cold levels, and we felt it here in Australia with a very cold winter across the country.

However, that’s only the beginning. We are starting to set up for an extraordinary weather period over the next 6 months.

And here is why, i have had my eye on this for a few days and i can see an event of biblical proportions occurring sometime in the next month.


These are the temperatures for next week, look straight down the bottom of the page to Antarctica. Colourful isn’t it?

Well, thats between 10 and 20 degrees below normal, and thats where our cold fronts come from.

At the moment, and all winter we are lucky because its been dry and cold and is unable to trigger any big events, i.e. it hasnt mixed with any warm or humid air.

But as i posted yesterday, the heat and humidity is building, and its all about to explode through the centre of the country. If this cold air manages to make it up to the mainland, we will see a truly historic event, including sea level snow.

And thats the reason I’m forecasting an enormous summer of floods and chaos again, the global mid levels are cooling making the troughs stronger, in turn giving us many more storms and lots more rain.

I will keep you posted but also South Africa and South America are in the same danger zone, i will keep you posted of developments.


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