Arctic Sea Ice Update.

Someone asked me today about the melting Arctic Sea Ice, and whether it would melt out completely.

The answer is no, not anytime soon as there is simply not enough sunlight between march and September, what is known as the melt season.

If you look at this graph, you can see how much it melts every year, before increasing in the winter back to almost the same starting point.

Given its -30 degrees or colder all winter the point we start melting in March is always going to be the same.

And another point is the extent measurement is determined by the winds, either compacting or spreading the Sea Ice.

In any case, if you look here you can see the sea ice declining since 1979, as you would expect with the warm PDO cycle swinging into gear.

Notice on the above graph how after 1995 the losses accelerated? Well, that’s when the AMO shifted to its warm phase.

Given the Atlantic is in the Northern Hemisphere that would make perfect sense.

However this is too simple for climatologists the world over, because they have agendas and rely on government funding and blatantly lie.

No mention of the South Pole, which is at record levels, balancing the ledger from the Arctic.

But it hasn’t rained in Alice Springs in 144 days, and its 36 degrees C in Birdsville.


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