Visualising David Jones’ rampant Climate Change.

In 2007, David Jones sent an email off to Phil Jones, saying that “rampant climate change” had caused the Murray Darling Basin to effectively run out of water.

Here it is, email 0601.

cc: “Shoni Dawkins”
date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 08:28:03 +1000
from: “David Jones” <REDACTED>
subject: RE: African stations used in HadCRU global data set
to: “Phil Jones” <REDACTED>

Thanks Phil for the input and paper. I will get back to you with comments next week.
Fortunately in Australia our sceptics are rather scientifically incompetent. It is also
easier for us in that we have a policy of providing any complainer with every single
station observation when they question our data (this usually snows them) and the
Australian data is in pretty good order anyway.
Truth be know, climate change here is now running so rampant that we don’t need
   meteorological data to see it. Almost everyone of our cities is on the verge of running out
   of water and our largest irrigation system (the Murray Darling Basin is on the verge of
   collapse – across NSW farmer have received a 0% allocation of water for the coming summer
   and in Victoria they currently have 5% allocations – numbers that will just about see the
   death of our fruit, citrus, vine and dairy industries if we don’t get good spring rain).
The odd things is that even when we see average rainfall our runoffs are far below average,
which seems to be a direct result of warmer temperatures. Recent polls show that
Australians now rate climate change as a greater threat than world terrorism.

Two things, first David thinks sceptics of Co2 induced warming are scientifically incompetent, but that’s for another time.

But lets check in on the rampant climate change shall we.

Only 98%! What is that then?

I suppose David thinks he was misquoted or taken out of context?

This is just another hole in a flawed theory, a con job that these clowns have no shame in participating in.

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