CSIRO trying to scare everyone again, because computer models said so.

Yet again, does anybody in the government agencies think before they speak?

I’m not even going to print out the article because i have just eaten and like my food stay digesting, but the part that i like the best was this quote…

Wary of past criticism, the CSIRO says it is confident in the accuracy of the complex computer models it used.

Ok, lets check what the computer models have been coming up with in regards to Co2.

I see, it’s currently lower than the best case scenario which assumed in 2000 that we had no increase in emissions.

Does everybody comprehend that? After 2000, if there were no increase in emissions, we should be following the IPCC Low line!

And what sort of increase have we had since 2000?

Only 21%, much higher than the anticipated forecast.

So with all that, the temperatures still refuse to rise. And its easy to see why.

I’m still yet to receive an answer as to how a gas, that makes up 0.004% of the atmosphere, of which man adds 0.002%, causes the atmosphere to warm.

Also, remember that the air has 1/1000 the heat capacity of the oceans, and it becomes very clear that these people are committing a serious injustice starting with governments the world over.

Here the difference is seen clearly.

Now, look at that picture above.

If you are a rational, logical thinking human being, and i asked you which component warmed and cooled the Earth, what would your answer be?


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