El Nino like conditions descend upon Australia.

A picture tells a thousand words. I just checked to see if the Pacific is on fire, but alas it isn’t.

I had to check because of the current pattern is most El Nino like.

Heres a visual:

Easterly trades, feeding moisture in purple.

East Coast trough activated in Red! Lightning galore, at the sky-high temps of, wait for it, 12.2 degrees C.

In Green, upper level trough and surface trough with 100% humidity, flash flooding in western suburbs of Melbourne, temp of 12 C.

In Black, a strong burst of cold air to come raging through on Friday and interact with fierce El Nino heat.

In orange, a strong upper level trough hitting the desert and causing mass convection, this will hit QLD in two days and cause roofs to go missing.

And the South Pacific Convergence zone, descending South through Indonesia and warming up the oceans there and dragging down humidity towards Australia.

Yes, the El Nino is just raging in Oz today.


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