El Nino update.

Weekly El Nino update…not much to report really, except its one of the biggest overstatements by the alarmist network ever.

The atmosphere is still well de-coupled from the oceans, in fact the oceans are now returning to the normal La Nada state.

First, Sea Surface Temperatures.

As you can see, the heat in the middle of the pacific, between here and South America, is still getting chewed up by the Cold PDO cycle.

Also notice the waters to the North and NW of Australia are starting to warm rapidly, i will post more on this later.

30 day Southern Oscillation is now positive again, and quite variable, showing its a neutral year as it bounces around all over the place.

Trade winds are still Easterly, tending a little Nw near Papua New Guinea, which is normal because the convergence zone is there.

The El Nino index is also stalling, as the heat from the Central Pacific is just plodding along and slowly cooling with the Easterly trades there. Notice 2010 was a weak El Nino, probably on the high end but still weak, and we are nowhere near those values nor will we be.

So to summarize, this warm neutral is slowly cooling off, and as i posted yesterday climate models are starting to jump off the thought of El nino this summer. Luckily some of us never hopped on the bandwagon.


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