Global temps do not follow CO2.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Carbon Dioxide is not a forcing, more like a feedback.

There is no linkage between the two, CO2 lags global temps by 800 years, as you can see from the Vostok ice core sample.

Look at how skewed from reality this is, if Co2 was a forcing it would over ride all the other forcings. The fact is, it is not, and global temperatures are slowly falling, and will increase falling by the end of the decade.

Model projections had us a lot warmer than present, whilst Co2 explodes through the roof.

Here is the real correlation, global temps mirror those of Sea Surface temperatures, shown here:

Almost a perfect fit, the SST are the main driver of the global temperature.

Why you ask? Well the oceans hold enormous amounts of heat and energy, 1000 times more than the atmosphere.

Now look at the difference between the air and the oceans. From that sliver of air, only 0.004% of that tiny flat part of the graph is CO2.

Remind me again what drives the global temperature?

They oceans also store CO2, vast amounts of it, and release it when we go through a warming cycle, as we have done in the past 800 years coming out of the Little Ice Age.


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