This is an El Nino.

This is what you see when an actual El Nino forms.

Extremely warm water coming off the South American coast, an interruption to the normal climate pattern bringing devastating droughts to many parts of the globe, especially Australia.

And currently :

This is David Jones’ wet dream, that is all this is.

This man is so deluded that he is expecting a westerly wind burst to transport all the warmth into the Central Pacific and kill us all.

Hansen thinks we are going to have a super El Nino, because Co2 is at devastating levels.

So when the El Nino gets called off because it cannot get started, remember to go out and celebrate that all is good in the climate world.


2 thoughts on “This is an El Nino.

  1. No time to celebrate AV, I am filling my gutters, emptying my swimming pool and activating my fire plan in anticipation of the upcoming heatwave. Obviously the bell ends at the Bureau cant remember the 1987 Grand Final, when the Hawks wilted against Carlton in 30.7c heat.

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