Dont worry Arctic, the Antarctic’s got your back.

As you know, alarmists are hysterical that Arctic Ice is decreasing in extent during the summer melt.

Well im not an alarmist, so I thought I should tell you the Arctic declines in extent every year, from March, until mid September.

The graph looks like this.

What alarmists wont tell you is that we have been in warm AMO, the warm atlantic ocean phase, so the water on the edge of the arctic are much warmer than normal. What determines how much melt is the arctic winds, they can either spread the ice and make it appear there is a lot, or compact it and make it appear there is little.

There is a trend of declining Sea Ice, no doubt. And in a warm AMO, this has happened before, but because we didn’t have satellites, alarmists deny it.

Anyway, i notice they don’t mention Antarctica, which is increasing every year slightly.

This is not mentioned, for a good reason. Because it’s not supposed to be happening!

Polar amplification theory shows the Antarctic Ice sheet decreasing more than the Arctic!

Epic fail, one of many for the AGW propaganda crowd.


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