Hansen forecast huge warming by 2020 if we didnt do something drastic.

Yes, that’s right, Hansen forecast in 1988 that if we didn’t do something drastic to reduce the evil CO2 we would all be doomed.

Check out this graphic, noticing the 2020 scenario if we don’t do anything about CO2 emissions.

Most of the globe will have warmed up 4 degrees by 2020 under “Scenario A,” which is continuing on emitting CO2 non stop as we have been since Hansen made the forecast.

So how much have we warmed up then up until 2012?

About 0.4 degrees. And that’s in a predominately warm PDO until 2007.

So temps would want to get cracking and completely go through the roof seeing as we are currently warming at 0.14 degrees per decade.

Another Epic fail by team moron.

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