Any day now, temperatures will skyrocket.

As you are aware, Hansen says by 2020 the Earth will be almost unlivable because of the rampant heat.

Remember his forecast, everyone in Australia shouldnt forget it because the scorching heat will be unstoppable and deadly.

Here it is again.

Australia is forecast to receive a 3 degree rise by 2020. Remember this forecast was done in 1988. So that equates to about 1 degree per decade, give or take.

Time to check in and see the trend as it now stands.

Well look at that, 90% of Australia has warmed at 0.1 degree per decade. And in 8 years, it’s going to warm at 3 degrees per decade.

That would be some sort of neat trick, it only has to increase at around 3000% of current rate.

In a cold PDO. And we wont even mention the 2050 forecast.

I think it’s fairly easy to see that Hansen is a moron with no morals. Paid for by the government propaganda machine.




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