GISS no longer lives in the Real World.

These guys seriously have no shame. They are still at it, adjusting data as much as they possibly can to try to show its warming up.

However, all they can show for it is adjusted data, they cant use raw data as it shows the exact opposite.

Heres the link to the article.

In  short, the data that NASA makes available to the public, temperatures over the  last 130 years, can change at any time, without warning and without explanation. Yes, the global temperature of January 1880  changed some time between July and September 2012.

Surprise  of surprise, the change had the effect of making the long-term temperature  record support conclusions of faster warming. The biggest changes were  mostly pre-1963 temperatures; they were generally adjusted down. That  would make the warming trend steeper, since post-1963 temperatures were adjusted  slightly upward, on average. Generally, the older the data, the more  adjustment.

So this pathetic organisation needs to disbanded ASAP, its credibility is non existent.


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