Cold outbreak effects, another response.

The big cold outbreak is having multiple effects across Australia.

The cold air has moved so far north it has triggered storms in Darwin, cooled the waters NW of Australia, and also cleared out the warmth from the interior.

The area circled warmed recently, the cold outbreak has renewed the cold SE winds over the area.

Its also dried out the area through the interior, so the next warm spell during the week wont be as hot as the last one.

Also any moisture that had started to accumulate has been used and the process needs to begin again.

The sea surface is cooling temporarily, but the subsurface is warms so in about a week or so NE should resume over Indonesia as the next convergence area appears and moves SW.

This will warm the waters again, and then the game of chess between the two airmasses begins again.

One thought on “Cold outbreak effects, another response.

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