My Spring idea starting to take shape.

Its has been hinting for a while, but now its starting to make its move. The way the patterns are atm, we cannot get an increase in heat without and increase in humidity. And that spells spring rains.

We had a small shot at it last week and the response was very strong, with storms and very cold air moving in over Victoria.

Check out the latest Satellite photo, and its shows some interesting developments.

I have been busy drawing with my crayon again btw.

Ok, the cold air in the blue arrows is doing what its been doing all winter, all good there.

The ITCZ, the Inter-Tropical Convergence zone, is still moving Westwards North of Australia and sinking South from Indonesia, obviously indicated in red.

However this is the new development, the black circle I have outlined. There is a trough developing in this area and its heading towards the centre of Australia. this is significant because the Easterly trades are starting to push moisture inland, which was exactly as I thought it would.

Also significant is that this cloud area, and the cloud just behind the orange circle in WA, is that its mid level cloud meaning the mid levels are starting to see some moisture after a very dry winter.

The orange circle is where you will see a decent amount of cloud form tomorrow as the trough moves in. Tomorrow afternoon we can check up and see the development.

Whilst this isn’t anything ground breaking, its indicating that its going to start building and building and eventually interact with cold air from the SW and turn into a monstrous system with very heavy rainfall. The cold air is still keeping the Highs north which is limiting the heat down to us, and also the tropical rainfall.

So in short, the heat, humidity, and rainfall are all on the increase in the next few weeks.

Just as I forecast, though maybe a little later. But certainly not indicative of a pending El Nino.


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