CO2 causes droughts..except these ones!

Thats why you are paying a Carbon Tax. So that the evil CO2 monster will go away!

Its causing untold damages, including record temperatures, and record droughts.

Unfortunately for Al Gore, and the rest of the AGW crowd, there is so much evidence that droughts have been around forever that its mind blowing.

Like this paper, showing th Dust Bowl was the greatest 20th century droughts in the 1930s.

But more interesting, there is now evidence that in the 1700s there were “Super Droughts” that were unrivalled.

Here is the paper.

The two most severe, sustained droughts in the continental United States during the 20th century occurred in the 1930s and 1950s. The 1950s drought was most extreme over the southwest and southern Great Plains, where ecological consequences are still evident on the landscape [Swetnam and Betancourt], 1998].The Dust Bowl,vividly recounted in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, was the nations most severe, sustained,and widespread drought of the past 300 years, according to tree-ring reconstructions of the Palmer drought severity index (PDSI) across the continental United States [Cook et al., 1999] (                    

Droughts during the 1750s, 1820s, and 1850s–1860s estimated from tree rings were similar to the 1950s drought in terms of magnitude, persistence, and spatial coverage, but these earlier episodes do not appear to have surpassed the severity or extent of the Dust Bowl drought. However, longer tree-ring reconstructions of PDSI for the United States and precipitation for northwestern Mexico and western Canada indicate that the “megadrought” of the 16th century far exceeded any drought of the 20th century (Figure 1) [also see Wood-house and Overpeck, 1998], and is considered to be the most severe prolonged drought over much of North America for at least the last 500 years [Meko et al., 1995].

So as you can see, alarmists lie just to suit their agenda.


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