Australia and the USA could see historic weather events next week.

How often would this occur? Its autumn (fall) in the USA ans some record cold is progged to develop in the next 5 or 6 days.

Some of these temps are mind boggling. Never mind the hot July, whats coming is ridiculously cold for fall.

That would be devastating and dump more snow through the North of the country than could possibly be imagined, for this time of year.

Check out Australia, we could get our own winter return next week with a biblical could surge that could prove to be a historic event.

Some of those temperatures should they come off would be getting close to breaking records.

It will also undo all the work of the pattern shift that has been trying to occur for the last 3 weeks, by cooling the whole country and drying out any humid air well North of Australia.

Will keep you posted but GFS has not wavered at all, only strengthened its position.


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