Corals are in extreme danger.

Corals have been around for 542 Million years. They formed back in the Cambrian era, so lets take a quick look at data going back to the Cambrian era.

Right! So look at temperature first, 10 degrees warmer than present day. And CO2, 7000 ppm! And Hansen wants to get it down to 350ppm, because 394 ppm is threatening to kill us all.

And then look at current day. Hmmm.

So, if you have an IQ slightly higher than your shoe size, and are not a complete moron, you would surmise that 1) Co2 has no impact on global temperatures. Co2 fell for nearly 100 million years and temps did not respond. In fact temps are disconnected from CO2 on this graph full stop.

And 2) Coral will not suffer from increasing CO2 seeing as though when it formed it was exactly 17.76 times the level of present day.

So, when our head of the National Climate Centre posts on social media that we should be worried about Coral rather than interest rates declining, please email this moron and tell him to do some real work and seek the truth every once in a while.

If he would take that advice, which he wont because he is an alarmist spreading unmitigated propaganda, he would also stop forecasting an El Nino that will not occur.


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