UK Barbecue Summer Update.

Remember forecasters predicted a bbq summer, and a hose pipe ban for the UK?

Well after record floods and gloomy temperatures all summer, it looks like forecasters need to go back to school, or revise their super duper computer models which have yet again been hopeless.

Britain is poised to be hit by a bout of freezing weather that could bring snow and ice

BRITAIN will be battered by an Arctic blast from Iceland next week – bringing snow, ice, flooding and bitter gales.

Forecasters last night warned the mercury will  plummet to near freezing in many areas with daytime temperatures 15C  lower than this time last year.

The Scottish Highlands and parts of northern England could see their first dusting of snow, while the entire country faces cold conditions and possible frosts. Forecasters said the bitter weather is likely to remain for the next few weeks with significant snow by the middle of the month.

The wintry forecast comes as the country recovers from a week of torrential downpours which have sparked devastating floods.

More than two months’ worth of rain has fallen in parts causing rivers to burst banks and forcing hundreds of families from their homes.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: “We could well see some bitter cold temperatures from Sunday.“We are looking at a cold pool of air sweeping in from the north sending temperatures plunging.”

Leon Brown, meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said Hurricane Nadine, currently over the Atlantic Ocean, is primed to hit the UK next week.

He said the hurricane – downgraded to a tropical storm two weeks ago – will trigger torrential downpours in the North. The remnants of the storm, dubbed “Child of Nadine” triggered heavy rain and strong winds earlier in the month.

Mr Brown said: “For the longer range forecast we are watching where tropical storm Nadine moves.

“The storm is near hurricane strength again and remains slow moving about 650 miles south-west of the Azores.

“Next week the storm will eventually get caught in the flow ahead of a trough and move north-east.

Looks like its going to plan….not. The Met Office also say every year will be the hottest, and 3 of the next 5 years after 2010 will be the hottest on record.

Yet another dud prediction from an agency who is hell bent on twisting reality to suit the government’s agenda.

Sound familiar Aussies?


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