GISS adjusting reality so much it should be on Arena with the Real Housewives..

Ok here is a good example of what these dogs (GISS) are up to.

They will stop at nothing to push this CO2 induced man made warming hysteria, even though its makes no sense in the scientific world. The alarmist team climate moron crowd now say that 93.4% of the warming from CO2 is going into the oceans. Thats great, but it defies physics, greenhouse gases (remember water vapour is 400 times more than CO2) cannot penetrate the ocean s more than a few mm.

Anyway, so GISS have decided the best way to show warming is to continue to push false information.

First off, the monthly data.

GISS comes in at 0.56, which is quite high. Considering RSS is 0.26 and UAH is 0.34. However, it’s very simple. GISS uses the 1951 to 1980 baseline to compare against. We know that was the Cold PDO period so against that it should be warm. The BOM also use the 1961-1990, for precisely the same reason, to make todays anomalies look very warm, when in fact they are not all that warm.

GISS also uses 1200 km smoothing, that means there are areas where there are no data, so they use data from 1200 km away and extrapolate what they think the temps are. Anyone who thinks this is state of the art measurements of temperature are seriously deluded. Even if you choose the 250km smoothing, the temp is 0.47. Given temps are increasing by 0.14C a decade then you have nearly
a decade of warming with the click of a button.

So the question is, what does it look like against the current baseline? BUT WAIT!! NOT SO FAST.

If this isn’t bad enough, GISS are now adjusting the 1950s and 1960s DOWN. Two or Three times a year!!

To get temps to rise even more, they are making the baseline temps even colder every month by adjusting the
historical temps. What sort of organisation does this you think?? I have the answer.

A pack of corrupt dogs, who should be jailed for this ridiculous idea of runaway warming when in fact the climate is responding to
normal climate variation. So to finish, lets look at the reality, with the 1980 – 2010 baseline.

Staggering isn’t it, only 0.23 above the average for that period. Remember one important point, not only don’t they use this because its much colder, they can’t go back and adjust these temps because in 1979 we launched satellites to measure temperature, and that’s the UAH and RSS datasets I mentioned earlier.

So remember also, if you hear the BOM sprout nonsense about how warm it is, ask to see temps against the current baseline and you be the judge!

3 thoughts on “GISS adjusting reality so much it should be on Arena with the Real Housewives..

  1. No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that Giss are corrupt for using a known cold baseline, instead of the last 30 years, for political reasons, and if that’s not enough they just adjusted pre 1963 temps down yet again because obviously temps are not increasing anywhere near enough.

    That’s what I’m saying, and on CO2, you can have all the theories you like in the science lab, does not translate in the Real World because you can’t replicate ENSO plus hundreds of other feedback and forcing a. It’s obvious, look at model projections and reality…

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