Record cold outbreak yesterday, might be broken again in a few days.

Last week, David Jones got all excited because we had one very warm day where we fell short of breaking the early season record.

Well, yesterday we did break records, lots of cold ones. Temperatures were about 11 degrees below normal, which you would expect as a response to the warmth.

One thing about heat is it gets to accumulate over many months through the interior, unlike the cold snap which takes a few days straight out of Antarctica. And this winter it has been very dry through the desert.

But now we are having late season Antarctic blasts, and the records we broke yesterday might be broken again in a few days time.

In Victoria, every location recorded below average temperatures, with some places 11 degrees cooler than their October mean. Shepparton in the state’s north reached just 11.6 degrees, its coldest October day on record.

The capitals of both states did not manage escape the cold, with both cities also experiencing a cool day. Melbourne only reached 13.9 degrees, which is its coldest October day in two years. This was also only the second time it has gotten this cool in October since 2003. Sydney faired a bit better, managing to reach 18 degrees, although it stayed around 16 degrees for much of the day.


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