CO2 is innocent!

CO2 is portrayed as evil by the alarmist moron group.

However, it has been framed. There is so much evidence that it is not a culprit of the warming we have seen on Earth since the late 1970s.

Lets take a look at some evidence.

There is no hotspot over the Tropics.

There is missing heat from the oceans.

The clouds have created a negative feedback by reflecting solar back into space.

Outgoing Longwave Radiation is increasing as the Earth gets warmer, instead of decreasing.

There has been no temperature rise for 14 years.

Antarctica was supposed to be warming quicker on Earth than anywhere else…..its cooling and the Sea Ice is at record levels.

Droughts are decreasing, and are not as severe as the 1930s dust bowl that was global.

Hurricane activity has been decreasing for the last two decades, at least.

We are below Scenario C, CO2 is innocent because a guilty CO2 would have us at Scenario A.

These are serious allegations against CO2, and at the moment I think all the evidence suggests it is not guilty of anything other than producing fuel for plant growth on Earth.

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