Near Earth Asteroid passes Earth tomorrow morning.

Asteroid 2012 QE 50 passes on by tomorrow morning Australian time.

The potentially hazardous asteroid 2012 QE50, discovered on 28 Aug. 2012 by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, will approach our planet with a minimum distance of 31.5 lunar distances (13 millions of km) on October 9, 2012. There is no serious threat for our planet.

However there is a much closer approach, though by a much smaller asteroid on February 15th 2013.

Its only small compared with QE 50, but will pass Earth at approx the position satellites orbit the Earth, or maybe even closer!

Should be fun, here is the description.

Small asteroid 2012 DA14 will make an extremely close approach  on February 15, 2013. It will pass by Earth at distance of about 27,000 km (17,000 miles/no closer than 0.000181 AU) from the center of the Earth; within about 3.5 Earth radii of the Earth’s surface.

This near-Earth asteroid was discovered on February 22, 2012 by LaSagra Observatory in the mountains of Andalusia in southern Spain. Asteroid 2012 DA14 is thought to be about 45 meters in diameter and his estimated mass about 130,000 metric tons.

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