How can climate models get it so wrong?

On July 16, when I issued my first seasonal forecast, I mentioned that we would have a cool neutral ENSO year, tending weak La Nina. I also mentioned a big shift in the pattern was coming this Spring, because at the time the Convergence Zone (ITCZ) was well displaced for a developing El Nino.

This however did not stop climate models predicting a massive El Nino. It also bought out the alarmists in force, and most predicted record temps for 2013. There was subsurface warming in the Pacific, but the models could not grasp that the atmosphere was decoupled from the oceans.

When you look at the climate models projections for the next 50 years, and then reality, you can see why they cannot even pick an ENSO event 3 months out. Hers a look into the reality of climate models.

Hansen forecast peak warmth and Ice Loss in Antarctica.

Antarctica is at record levels for Sea Ice and is getting colder.

Here is the model projections and reality. We should be at Scenario A, we are not even at Scenario C.

We are still at the same temperature as the mid 1990s, despite record CO2 increases.

It’s fairly easy to see why the models are so poor, because the people who input the data are brain-dead and corrupt.

Whilst CO2 is input into the climate models as main climate driver, the models will get even worse.


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