Which one would you use?

Unisys shows a cold bias and shouldnt be trusted.

You guessed it, that’s our resident alarmist who has been saying for 3 years now that the Unisys SST maps show cold biases.

So lets check both.

Using this graph, it looks average with some warmth thrown in.

Now lets check what the satellites show.

Looks the same with average through the middle, but look at the cold coming out of South America.

Lets now check what happens when the cold starts to come out of South America like this.

Last year in July, cold spot started to appear near South America, the same as this year.

And then, if you are really clever you can work out what happened last year.

Same time, looks almost the same, but more cold from the first La Nina in 2010, but the same thing is happening.

But if you like, David, you use the BOM charts and we will see what happens. It may not reach La Nina classification but it’s definitely going to end up a cool neutral year again, which means next years records are on hold, yet again.

I know which one i will be using, and there is now no stopping what’s coming.


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