El nino Update.

Climate models and all alarmists with an IQ less than 12 have been predicting and el nino for many months now.

Unlike myself, who has actually studied a thing or two for the best part of 3 decades.

I did try to tell the alarmists that this was a fruitless campaign, and climate models have no skill in trying to forecast ENSO.

However, the usual crowd pushed on with this bullshit hysteria, despite anyone in May seeing what was occurring.

As I have said countless times, in a cold PDO an El Nino is always a quick temporary response to the high percentage of La Ninas.

Eventually one will come on, and i will forecast it well ahead of time.

But climate models have no skill in modelling climate, let alone a complex system like the ENSO.

So anyhow, lets check in and see how we are looking.

And, as you can quite clearly see, the cool neutral is getting colder and will tend weak La Nina, just as i forecast would occur in my July 16 forecast. And this in turn will result in another 6 month period of floods again for the country.

So there will no further El Nino updates, but Australia’s top climatologist alarmist will hear about this every day of the year from here on in.



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