Trenberth’s Cluelessness Very Unlikely To Be Due To Natural Variability

Posted by Steven Goddard.

Trenberth made this brilliant claim 15 years ago.

The recent evolution of ENSO, with a major new El Niño event underway in 1997, reinforces the evidence that the tendency for more El Niño and fewer La Niña events since the late 1970s is highly unusual and very unlikely to be accounted for solely by natural variability.

El Niño and climate change

And now we are facing an unprecedented third straight La Nina

it would be unprecedented to see a switch back to La Niña before 2013

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Since Trenberth started blaming high ENSO values on your SUV, ENSO has been tanking

MEI timeseries from Dec/Jan 1940/50 up to the present


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